Our skull world

Our skull world

Skulls, skulls and skulls.

We like skull designs and everything related to it. The skulls are full of emotions, it’s the essence of a human face free from identity itself. At the same time, they symbolize the eternal cycle of human existence and its transience. The skull resembles the primordial desire to resist the fact that everything has its beginning and end, and that time always prevails.

Skull designs needn’t to be tied to a particular musical style or other lifestyle. In our store, everyone who likes skulls is welcome and it can be anyone, regardless of age, education, employment, musical or other preferences or beliefs. The skull is universal. After all, the skull is in each of us.

Our store aims to offer the most beautiful and most interesting skull designs. We want to bring you skulls expressing your true feelings so that you can choose the right skull for yourself. At the moment, we are starting with T-shirts as the basic most desirable carrier for the skull, but in the future we are considering covering also other products.

Skull T-shirt is the ideal choice for casual wear, for every occasion, you just have to choose the right design. A striking and distinctive skull for the younger and, conversely, a subtle skull tone in tone to a more elegant style. Take a skull T-shirt to school, to work, a theater, a date, a trip, a concert – if you customize your skull choice, you’ll always look tasteful, modern and timeless. Or you can go a different way, take your skull where nobody actually expects it and cause a fuss. It’s up to you :)